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10 Tips, Tricks and Tools for Visual Studio 2017 and Angular 5

In this slideshow we’re going to quickly explore 10 Angular development tips, tricks and tools which can make our everyday life easier. The purpose of the list is to not be opinionated architecture wise. This means that we’re not going to discuss tooling which has impact over our choice of application state management, data layer, etc. 

Starting from project scaffolding with the Angular CLI, going through efficient development with the JavaScript Language Service in Visual Studio 2017 and Angular Schematics Collections, to dynamic and static code analysis for easy debugging and refactoring!

Give these tools a try! I’d love to get your feedback on using them in the comments section below.


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10 Tips for Writing Better Javascript

10 Insane Tips You Can Use Today to JavaScript Eectively; #8 Will Shock You!

I provide you with 12 simple, yet powerful, JavaScript tips and detailed explanation of each. These are techniques that all JavaScript programmers can use now; you needn’t be an advanced JavaScript developer to benefit from these tips. After you read all of the detailed explanations of how each technique works and when to use it, you will have become a more enlightened JavaScript developer, if you aren’t already one.

Indeed, notable JavaScript masters and enlightened JavaScript developers have been using many of these techniques to write powerful, efficient JavaScript. And in a bit, you will, too.


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