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Intro to Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017

  • You should know basic programming concepts
  • You should have basic knowledge of C#
  • You should have basic knowledge of Java
  • You should have basic knowledge of Swift

Xamarin is a software platform that enables you to create cross platform apps that will work on the top three platforms (Android, IOS, Windows) using the same codebase .  The programming language used by Xamarin is C#.

Xamarin has in a way solved a problem most developers face and that is developing the same  app multiple times for each of the top three platforms : Android , IOS and Windows. Without Xamarin developers will have to use different development tools and programming languages to develop the same app for the top three platforms.

Topics include:

  • Installing visual studio on mac
  • Installing visual studio on Windows
  • Overview of Visual studio and Xamarin development environment
  • Creating a cross platform test app
  • Modifying text
  • Testing your app in an Android simulator
  • Testing your app in an IOS Simulator
  • Modifying XAML code

Xamarin can be used to develop native apps using :

  • Xamarin.form
  • Xamarin.IOS
  • Xamain .Andoid.

Using xamarin.form enables you use the same codebase across the top three platforms.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code
  • Beginner programmers
  • Beginner developers
  • Beginner app developers

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Azure Mobile Apps with Xamarin

Xamarin and Azure

Create amazing cloud-powered mobile apps faster

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Essential Tools for Xamarin Developers

Cross-platform mobile development has been democratized for .NET developers – thanks to Xamarin & Microsoft. However, professional Xamarin development isn't a piece of cake. Sure, there is no barrier to entry and tooling has come a long way, but successful mobile apps need a lot more. Do you have a solid understanding of the Xamarin technology stack? Do you know how to mix and match native with abstracted UI for maximum code reuse?

Let’s do a run-down of the essential tools, frameworks and utilities that should be in every Xamarin developer’s arsenal. The ubiquitous IDEs, necessary plugins, cloud services, deployment tools, testing solutions and polished UI – all ready for your app development pleasure. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an end-to-end DevOps story or add AI intelligence to your apps? What can you do to delight your users, maintain developer sanity and deliver high quality apps? Let’s stop reinventing wheel and ship apps faster – the right tools help!

You will learn:

  • Tools for Xamarin Developers
  • How to Integrate AI in mobile apps
  • About DevOps for mobile apps

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