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Intro to Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017

  • You should know basic programming concepts
  • You should have basic knowledge of C#
  • You should have basic knowledge of Java
  • You should have basic knowledge of Swift

Xamarin is a software platform that enables you to create cross platform apps that will work on the top three platforms (Android, IOS, Windows) using the same codebase .  The programming language used by Xamarin is C#.

Xamarin has in a way solved a problem most developers face and that is developing the same  app multiple times for each of the top three platforms : Android , IOS and Windows. Without Xamarin developers will have to use different development tools and programming languages to develop the same app for the top three platforms.

Topics include:

  • Installing visual studio on mac
  • Installing visual studio on Windows
  • Overview of Visual studio and Xamarin development environment
  • Creating a cross platform test app
  • Modifying text
  • Testing your app in an Android simulator
  • Testing your app in an IOS Simulator
  • Modifying XAML code

Xamarin can be used to develop native apps using :

  • Xamarin.form
  • Xamarin.IOS
  • Xamain .Andoid.

Using xamarin.form enables you use the same codebase across the top three platforms.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn to code
  • Beginner programmers
  • Beginner developers
  • Beginner app developers

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